Vultures and Vices

by Mutiny Abroad

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released November 13, 2015

All music written by Mutiny Abroad; Engineered and mixed by Joey Pisani [My Kingdom]; Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio; Artwork by Grace Lang



all rights reserved


Mutiny Abroad New York

Mutiny Abroad is a five-piece hardcore punk band from Long Island, N.Y.

Branden Gallagher - vocals Jesse Hayes - drums Frank Falchek - guitar Ej DiPasquale - guitar Sid Valiquette - bass

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Track Name: The Devil is Just a Lonely Guy Named Stan
He fell from grace (discharged, ashamed)
the right hand gave way for the left
He was just a kid, trying to make his own image.
Black wings take flight from beneath.
He, will, be, the one who's inside
You, will, see, on nights when you can't
Sleep, comes, last, whispered fears take shape
His hunt takes place between the weak and faithless
ground in his path he will remain
He hides behind (half truths, half lies)
those veneers of his are pearly white
He, will, be, the one who's inside
You, will, see, on nights when you can't
Sleep, comes, last, whispered fears take shape
Forget your scratchy insides
He came for you?
He came for me too
Some would call it anger call it anger when they cast him out
and some would call it fear call it fear when they cast him out
Leave the exorcise for the priests
they just need a name to make you weak
What's your name? It's the only escape.
Track Name: Hides
Your attention please
This council is called to court
Gentleman take your seats
The motion has passed, let the sharpening of fangs commence
By a show of hands, who wants to be the first to attack?
Eating your kin is hard but in a pack it's dominance that wins
By paws or claws can we settle this as friends?
By paws or claws can we settle this as friends?
The hole on our throats sing only the softest of notes
but the shards in our mouths that's when the animals come out
We are the most vicious of politicians
Sweetly eating from each others dishes
Our suits and ties are tailored to fit us just right
but we hide behind yellowed eyes
even though there equipped for the night
We sense the domestication
(and we don't like it)
Sell his hide at market price
We won't even see it coming
He'll be the one with the gun, he's hunting.
Rifle (bang bang)
The only blood that I've tasted lately
is from the tongue that's in my own mouth
Spit it back out, the blood in my mouth
We've become the worst versions of ourselves
We've become the worst versions of ourselves.
Sheep to wolves or wolves to sheep?
Sheep to wolves or wolves to sheep?
Skin us alive by pale moonlight
Stitch it together, it's a perfect disguise
Does it fit right?
Track Name: Etiquette
Our host is slightly incapacitated for taking in new guests
Pay no mind come inside we'll take care of the rest
This is not your mothers tea party
But mind your manners in good company
There's a good chance we'll offend your delicate sensibilities
Never mind the back door unless you want back door dealings
A deal can be struck but not without some trust
Spit, and shake
Or! We'll sign the contract in blood
You expect a certain sense of quality I get it
white walls and cubicles is not what you'll find in this facility
Watch out for the man behind the desk
He'll promise you his heart from his chest
Words should be worth their weight in gold
Or so I've been told
A man can be bought for the price of hope, and so the story goes...
Track Name: Snap & Bite
This, this is for us, this is for all of us
But, wait, there's no food on his plate
Come, take, it's ok that your late
We've been , waiting, for you for days
Don't worry your seat us been saved
It would be my pleasure to walk you down to the shore line
We can wade together, but it's up to you to float
It's time for, the execution of youth
Stand tall at the firing wall
Ready aim fire! Ready aim fire!
Fear is every mans portion so stuff your mouths till your bellies are full
We're so full
They eat the flesh, from the dead and stockpile their excrement
But, it's, to low on their till Full, speed, home deliveries
Packed up, shipped out to cities in boxes
Get the crowbars, liberate the corpses
Come up, come up, come up from underground
or no peace, no peace, no peace can be found
Dig yourself out!
Come up from underground
or no peace can be found.
Track Name: Shit Kicker
So it's told in the stories of old
that when whiskeys involved the story never gets old
Peel back the label and show me the proof
It's 100 percent I'm gonna die with the truth
Hear the thunder? Forget the sun
Hear the thunder? You're on the run
Tires skid around every turn it's out of control, you're out of control
There's no chance of me walking out of this
The car crash is too fucking serious
Stop signs and cut break lines
looks like the ambulance won't, won't get us there in time
Ohh and the towns people gather
Around your hospital bed
With pitchforks and torches, for the lies that you've said
And the whole room went quiet with the silence of death
As the onlookers waited to get what they deserved
Sheriff kicks in the door and says "stop. Justice must be served"
To the courts! To the courts!
You've been brought forth to the light exposed for what you are
Jury's got the verdict in hand
Hung by dawn!
Track Name: Fish Hook
Don't forget to grin
Cold streets, shots fired
Let the cannons belch out their fire
Women's bodies are thrown in the streets
The new borns off the pyre, in fear of doing the right thing
I'll be the voice for the wasted and dead
Find warmth through this in me
You better keep a tight head
cause there's a lot you should see
If you don't feel safe you better get out of here
Just remember it's a lesson
grit your teeth and count your blessings
if you've got a fucking problem
raise your fists until you've got them
choke them out until they're blue
and drop them dead in front of you
and don't forget to (don't forget to)
Don't forget to grin
What'ed you say?
What'ed you say that made him change his ways?
And the old man he whispered and leaned in and said
just a little chat just a chat amongst men
just a little chat between men who despise
just a little chat that made him open his eyes
Sing praise sing praise sing praise to the drunkard on the bench
For he will be the teacher we all need
Sing praise, sing praise, sing praise to the addict in the street
For he will be the one who will stand up and lead.